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Here, we understand that having a non-working TV is frustrating enough, so we do our best to make the process of fixing your TV as easy as possible. To help you with fixing your TV, we write blogs and make YouTube videos that touch on diagnosing and fixing common issues with your TV. We also regularly contribute to forums and try to answer questions that people have regarding their non-working TV. One of the websites that we are very active on is Reddit. You can find our postings by searching parts runners on Reddit. Our hope is that we can make fixing your TV as easy as possible by providing the best replacement TV Parts and by helping you diagnose the issue with your TV. Remember, regardless if you have a Samsung TV or a Vizio TV, regardless if you need TV Stand screws or an IR Sensor, we have the parts to fix your issue. If you have any questions about fixing your TV, feel free to send us an email at help@partsrunners.com with your question!